SEO and Digital Media Presence

SEO Services 

JEM Marketing Solutions offers search engine optimization packages that will boost your website's visibility online.  You can have the best website with cutting edge technology and features, but if you don't show up in search engines, no one is going to see it. These days every business needs a website that can be found using relevant keywords in a search engine.  Our SEO experts can increase your online visibility, thereby increasing your sales.

Search engine optimization is not a "once and done" process.  It is an ongoing system on continually using a variety of steps to improve your search engine ranking.  As algorithms and search engine "rules" change, our ongoing SEO services will address those changes for you.

Digital Media Presence Management Packages 

Google Business Places 

JEM Marketing Solutions has a two-fold approach to managing your digital media presence.  Since about half of internet searches are done using Google, the first step is to set up an optimized Google Places page for your business.  We will set up your page, match your branding, and set up the correct categories and features to help people find your business.


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